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Back on the Pitch

The high school soccer season kicked off for me today with a couple of scrimmages (though all the teams seemed to be playing for blood!). And, ready or not, I'll be at it (refereeing) for the next couple of months.

Summer is in full swing still, and it was a hot one today - 86 degrees Fahrenheit at the start of the Boys JV game (both JV and Varsity played against a parochial school this afternoon). Fans were trying to soak up the very little shade in and near the stands, and the green turf was even hotter. Looking closely across the field, I could see the heat waves radiating. Yikes, I thought. I should be at the pool, but Oh Lordy, here we go. I hope these boys give us a good game, so the minutes tick by swiftly.

All squads were raring to go as try-outs ended last week. I'll keep a keen eye out for positive or funny stories while on the pitch as the season unfolds. Who knows, by the end of the season in late October, I could be in long-sleeves, maybe a jacket and hat and gloves. Egads!



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