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The Pickleball Pandas Had Fun!

Okay, we didn't win many matches, but we had a ball in our first league play with Peake Social at the PutAway in Millersville, Maryland. What a way to chase away the dark days of winter in the last six weeks playing on Tuesday nights. Hubby Bill has been my partner on Tuesdays, and Ed Kozial is my partner on Sunday afternoons (we still have playoffs). I was an add-on halfway through the season when Ed's partner hurt her leg.

Tonight, we played King or Queen of the Hill since one team ran away with the championship, and we were done with playoffs. It was that championship team we played in our fourth match and were handily beaten. However, we learned a lot - especially in positioning and net playing all games tonight. It was all for the fun of the game and the great competition with all the teams we experienced all season long.

Ryan and his partner, Bill (Ref Bill is what we call him because he and I referee a lot of soccer matches together), also had a lot of fun and did quite well.

I love this game and want to improve. I/we plan to sign up for more league play this spring and summer. If we play more, there may be a better chance to hit those balls back over the net that I couldn't get to this session. In all the years I played tennis, it was hitting a "million" balls that kept me playing the best I could during my teens and twenties. I've got a lot of playing ahead and will never get close to hitting a million wiffle balls in Pickleball. Ha!



Photos: 1) The Peake Social 3.0-3.5 Champions Andrew and Nadine, who donated their winnings to St. Jude's; 2) me and my Sunday partner, Ed' 3) Pandas - Bill and I!


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