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The Focused Fight

A Childhood Cancer Journey: From Mayhem to Miracles

by Terri Tomoff

The Focused Fight is a story about hope and survival of one ordinary family and their community of support to bring a two year old, through subsequent relapses, from the brink of death to a thriving life. Terri Tomoff has crafted her compelling story that brings a fresh voice on strength, resilience and coping strategies she learned living insurmountable odds with her son's five cancers (3X leukemia and 2X adult tongue cancer), always keeping her family and their needs first and foremost while traveling over the rocky road of this extraordinary medical journey. Her heartfelt recount of the trials and triumphs amplifies how we could all learn a deeper appreciation for the "little things" in life, along with being more empathetic and sympathetic to anyone going through a life-threatening illness or disease. Why not use some of those skills that she honed and articulated here and apply them to our world today and in our own lives? Let's shine a bright and beautiful light on advocacy, connection and vast communities of support that lifted the family up in their fight, which helped them on their path to post traumatic growth. This powerful story was written for anyone who needs hope, and the magic of miracles that are there, bubbling in abundance if we seek them.

A necessary companion on the harrowing journey of a loved one's recovery from cancer

The Focused Fight is a story about resilience and hope. It’s an inspiration and a testimony to the power of community. It’s poignant and moving, yet written with a lightness of heart and humour. And it’s an invaluable compass and roadmap to guide one through the complex and challenging system that takes over life when a parent faces their worst nightmare.

A triumphant, compelling page-turner of a family's battle to overcome childhood cancer

Anyone that has been affected by a long term illness, either their own or someone they love, will appreciate the unique voice of a mother who navigates the unknown rough seas of hospitals, clinics, medical protocols, specialists and medical professionals. With humor and grace she expresses a mindset and attitude that pulls everyone along and we are happy to take this journey with her and her family.

A powerful story of a family’s journey fighting childhood cancer

The Focused Fight is a compelling story of Ryan Tomoff’s cancer journey and the family and community who have loved and supported him throughout. The author is vulnerable in sharing their story, including insights and perspective that will resonate with many. This story is relatable not only to readers experiencing similar situations, but also to friends and caregivers of families struggling with health crises.

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Badass Sisterhood


by Susan Walter, Laurie Riedman

Badass Sisters: Writing together to discover authentic connections.


This anthology was born when 11 women writers connected during the pandemic in an online writing community. Inside are the results of the collective, organic alchemy: stories offering a wide variety of topics, writing styles, and insights.


Discover passion, inspiration, courage and connection.


Car Stories from Driveways to Highways

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