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Getting in Shape?

January is the typical month of those overpromised resolutions to ourselves. I thought deeply about getting into better running shape (I/we walk a lot) in January 2024, but then the snow hit. My bad for not walking or running on snowy and icy sidewalks. I do NOT want to fall. Ever - if I can help it.

February has started out with better "get outside" weather, though I am prepared for any type, especially when I referee soccer. But except for a few 5K road races in the spring/summer, I've been sticking to way more walking than running (and walking is very good for everyone!).

My plan is to spice up the walks by running more. Hey, it gets me home faster and better for overall fitness. While out doing the combination today, a Haiku came to mind:

Running and Walking

That's my jam to shaping up

My body thanks me

Go Go Go for those shaping up!



Photos: 1) Don, Jan, Olivia on the kids one mile run on Kelleys Island, Ohio; 2) Olivia, Lizdot, and me (10 miler in Annapolis); 3) 5K start of Kelleys Island Race


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