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Hoops, There it is!

Thirty-two years ago, I was enchanted by Duke University's Men's Basketball Team, with Christian Laettner and Grant Hill as the one-two punches. March Madness began on 3/19 with the round of 64, and so on. I watched those first rounds at nine-plus months pregnant with Olivia (we did not know we were having a girl then) on a Blue Barcalounger Recliner I had recently purchased with monies I earned as a Track & Field Official.

Interestingly, I also sat on a plastic garbage bag in the new chair just in case my water broke. There was a slim chance it would happen (it never did!), but I was prepared!

I mostly cheered for a good, competitive game, no matter the teams. By the time Big Boy Christian Laettner received Grant Hill's wild length of the court pass and swished the basket on March 28, all hell broke loose on the buzzer-beater to win over heavily favored Kentucky. A new mama sat happily on the new chair sans a plastic garbage bag, snuggling with my new six-day-old baby girl. I cannot recall watching any games in the hospital - before or after her birth, but I do remember the rest of the tourney once home.

In a wonderful full-circle moment, "The Best Daughter," Olivia, due with her first baby NOW (nothing going on...yet, though), can actually cheer on her alma mater with James Madison vs. Duke—tip-off at 5:15 p.m. Today, I'm not only enchanted about meeting my first grandbaby sometime soon but also the frantic, fast-paced JMU Duuuuukes!

May the best team win...but I'll be cheering for JMU!



Photo credit: Unsplash - Ben Hurley

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