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Life Points

You've probably heard people utter, "I'm at this point or that point in something they are doing or where they are in their lives. Or, they may say, "I'm at the point of switching jobs, buying a car, getting married, or even having a baby." There are also talking points and points of interest. For quilters, there are genuinely bona fide points on our triangles and prairie points (a sort of border(s) for a quilt).

Do you get my point? Point intended. Haha!

Life Points.

I'm at a point in life where my baby girl just had her first baby boy. I'm also at a point in my life where I can drive down to RVA (Richmond, Virginia) to help with the little lad when needed (and blessed to do so!). At 3+ weeks old, Bodie is at a turning point of growing and gaining weight. He is also at a point where milk is the only thing on the menu for him and for the foreseeable future. Interestingly, since he's still in the 7lbs + range, he can proudly sport his newborn clothes. There will come a point in his near future when he ventures out into infant clothes and so on—more points of growth as with any new kid on the block.

What a great point, huh? I'm humbled by this little guy and all the personality he has shown in his first few weeks on Earth.

There will be more points for me and all of you! Sharing them makes my heart full. I'll continue to make appointments with the Hudsons for my Bodie and Co. visits.



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25 de abr.

Full circle of blessings!❤️

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