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B2 or 2Bee 🐝

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Three weeks ago I wrote a post on the cool numbered date of 2/2/22. I love the twos and rounded numbers they are.

Fast forward to “twoday” and the date is even better: 02/22/2022. It’s a palindrome and an ambigram. The date reads the same from left to right, and right to left AND upsidedown! A point in time never to be seen again! Hey, that’s a big deal, as every day really is.

Thankfully, a planned trip to Florida has come to fruition (writing from plane before take-off…there is always some lag time). I’m with my quilting bestie, Susie Stevenson, headed to Daytona Beach to meet up with our other quilting besties: Mary Nielsen, who now lives in Florida, and Carrie Casto and Deb Johnson, flying in from their home state of Arizona.

Finishing post upon landing. Lag time there before we disembark.

All of us are headed to the AQS Daytona Quilt Show this week, some of us taking classes and others enjoying the inspirational show. I’m doing both!

When the gate was determined for our flight, our plane was located in B2. I like to turn that around to 2Bee🐝. A twobee is two quilters sewing together.

So twos all around on this happy day!




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