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Saving Elephants - Won't You Help?

My friend, writer, conservationist, and award-winning world photographer Kathy Karn is heartbroken (as are many in the world who pay attention to the African elephant population) by the trophy hunting of the Big Tuskers on the African plains in several of the continent's 54 nations—most notably in Kenya and Tanzania. Ironically, Kenya banned big game hunting in 1977. Kathy travels to Kenya often enough to know the lands, people, and the Amboseli Elephants - especially the Big Tuskers. Please click on Kathy's link to find out more about her and her amazing efforts and experiences.

Kathy, a Canadian, is one involved lady and tirelessly continues her efforts to raise awareness about trophy hunting in TZ.

Her recent writings include this powerful message:

Listen to the Children

“Why do they destroy our heritage?” Simayo, Maasai participant in CHD Conservation Kenya’s project in Amboseli.

Thankfully, tourists inject millions of dollars annually into the local economy thanks to Amboseli’s elephants. But it's not enough. Many people across the USA/Canada are joining the campaign to save the Amboseli elephants. People do care! There is no answer regarding trophy hunters who come from afar to kill Africa’s wildlife.

It is sickening.

Manufacturing Sunshine Readers, could you show Simayo you care by signing the petition 3 to stop trophy hunting in TZ? I just signed before crafting this post. Please help to STOP THE MADNESS!

On a side note, my two trips to the bush in South Africa and Botswana on safari included inside information on poachers in those countries, too. Trophy hunting and poaching know no limits. We must change that narrative.

Worldwide, we all MUST protect all the elephants, with a special cry for help for the Amboseli ones right now—from babies to big tuskers. Spreading the message may do some help—and I’m with Ms. Jane Goodall: At the end of the dark tunnel, there is a spark, and that spark is hope!

Thank you in advance for your consideration in signing the petition for this worthwhile endeavor.



Photos from Botswana 2016 and South Africa 2015 (photo credit with me and a juvenile elephant in Botswana - HpGruneisen.



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