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Travel Stories New Start Date

I'm glad I spoke to my travel companion, Linda Misencik, this evening. She is delightfully traveling with me during my first week in France. We've traveled a lot together over the past 10 years, mostly out West (and slept under the stars at 10,000 ft in Colorado because we forgot to pack the poles for the tent!). She pointed out that we will probably have good Wi-Fi in Paris (I'm sure we will), so I will not need to post my Travel Stories until the following week (May 5 or 6) when I am in the South of France. My hope is that there will be plenty of stories to share while in the City of Light...and Love. I do hope the Airbnb in the 2nd arrondissement we chose has a strong signal, as it touts on the website to do so.

I can't wait to see all there is to see visually in Paris—especially the light. That's why so many artists (mostly painters) love it so much—the special light Paris gives off. It's hard to describe; painters do it best through their canvases, but it's a thing.

My goal is to pack light. I am in the first round of packing my carry-on suitcase and know I need to remove at least 30% of what I have so far. Some things are non-negotiable, like shoes and toiletries. I must remember that I can buy a short-sleeve top if it's too hot (I didn't pack one, and it is not supposed to be in the next couple of weeks). My other bag is a backpack. That's it. That backpack needs to be lighter than usual as well. I promised myself to be extremely discerning on what goes into it from the get-go. It's mostly packed except for my computer and a lightweight book or two. Maybe not either, but instead, I could bring my Kindle (though it weighs a bit more, though contains more reading material).

What I've learned in each adventure over the last two decades, is that every once counts! Lastly, I'llecho the Girl Scouts' pledge: "When in doubt, do without." Fingers crossed I an do with out a lot of stuff!



Photo: The right side is not open, and my stuff is on top of it. It's a gathering, you know, and I do not need three striped shirts!!

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24. Apr.

Can’t wait to see you in Nimes! Great packing tips - 30% discount :)

Gefällt mir
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