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A Real Ballbuster Book Launch with Julie Hughes on April 21st

Julie Hughes is a friend I/we met through Writing in Community. She is a force to be reckoned with - a wife, mother, runner, poet, and author of several books. She doesn't stop. Her latest book, A REAL BALLBUSTER: Untangling Testicular Cancer Together, is out now on Amazon.

Here is the review I graciously wrote for Julie on Amazon:

Julie, a multitasking wife, mother, and author, confronts an unexpected challenge when her husband battles testicular cancer. This poignant memoir unravels the complexities of facing an illness as a family, skillfully addressing the impact on their two young children. Julie’s inspiring book is all about family love and the triumph of hope. It is a testament to the resilience in the face of a Real Ballbuster!

Since April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, Julie decided to do a virtual launch to raise awareness. She asked me if I would emcee (host), and I couldn't say "Yes" fast enough. Won't you consider joining Julie and her family in celebrating the release of this heartfelt book that will indeed help others?

​A message from the host, Julie Hughes:

​I hope you can join me and my family, along with other members of our team, as we celebrate the publication of my family’s story of courage and hope during Jeff’s testicular cancer.

​My family and I will share from our hearts and will answer your questions. Be ready to raise a glass with us and toast the launch of our powerful story as it spans the globe to give hope and inspiration to others!

​Please RSVP by sending me a message or letting me know in the comments below. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the call!

Topic: A REAL BALLBUSTER: Untangling Testicular Cancer Together - Julie Hughes Virtual Book Launch

Time: Apr 21, 2024, 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) on Zoom

To register for the event this Sunday (so we have a ballpark figure of who is joining Julie and her family), please click here: Register.

On the day of the event, you may click this link: Virtual Book Launch.

I hope you will consider coming to Julie's virtual launch. She wrote this book with her heart and soul, intent on helping others.



Photo credit: Julie Hughes & family


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