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Dr. Aziza Shad - Humanizing Healthcare One Patient and Family at a Time

When I was on Aransas Savas's Uplifters Podcast last year, I was thankful to be tagged to be interviewed by author and friend Julie Hughes. When it was my turn to tag an individual to epitomize an Uplifting attitude, it could be none other than Dr. Aziza Shad, whenever her schedule allowed. Of course, Dr. Shad's daily schedule gets quite hectic since she is an amazing doctor who is saving lives every single day—here in the States and around the world. Gratefully, Aransas and Aziza were finally able to connect and record this must-see/listen-to 35-minute episode.

It's no small feat to pull back the curtain on what it means to Dr. Shad to become a pediatric oncologist in the first place and spanning over 30 years. She sprinkles the joy (yes, joy) on her illustrious career in helping thousands of cancer kids along with their parents and siblings, no matter the outcomes. I do not want to give anything away, so I'll quit typing in a minute!

During this Holy Week, maybe you can find the time to reflect and tune into this uplifting recording by a world-renowned doctor. Dr. Shad is a treasure to us, and many more feel exactly the same way we do. My paltry words can never convey how meaningful she is to so many (I tried, though, right?).

Dr. Aziza Shad saved our family by saving Ryan and his 3x leukemia diagnosis. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!




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