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Baby Shower for SoCo Member Aidan!

This past Wednesday, my quilt guild, the Southern Comforters of Bowie, Maryland, showered one of our own with the very first baby shower for a guild member, Aidan Schneider. I specifically asked some of the "older" members if they could remember any previous guild member who was having a baby and a possible shower, and the answer was either "no" or "I don't think so." The founding members charted the guild in 1982 - 42 years ago this year.

It's no secret we may be small, but we are mighty! And we are mighty enough to shower Aidan with the cutest gifts to welcome her little one (girl) in June. Aidan's little girl will be smartly dressed, first in her class with all the books and reading she will be subject to in the months ahead, cuddled in love and kindness (complete with a hand-crocheted afghan), and more.

It seems to me that 2024 is going to be a bumper year for new (as in brand new) kids on the block across the nation, if not the world. Or is it me, since I'm tuned into it more since "The Best Daughter" has had a baby this year, too?




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