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World Wide Shad-Mayer Wedding

There are "close" families, and then there are close families. Close, not in proximity, but deep love and friendships that Hubby Bill and I witnessed this past weekend at the Mehndi on Friday and last night's reception. The Zeeshan Shad-Jaime Mayer wedding held at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, embodied the power of the Art of Netting and, truly, the Art of Friendship, be that parent, sibling, cousin, and friend. What's that, you may be wondering?

Mark Nepo, a poet and spiritual adviser who has taught in the fields of poetry and spirituality for over 40 years, coined this wonderful phrase. Nepo is best known for his New York Times #1 bestseller, The Book of Awakening.

Today, Bill and I Zoomed into the first of a three-part session hosted by Mr. Nepo on Being a Friend. When he got to the last topic of the Art of Netting, I about fell out of my chair. You see, netting, as a verb, is not only for suffering and strife but also celebrations of beauty, joy, and wonder—the wedding of Zeeshan, son of Drs. Aziza and Tahir Shad, and his beloved, Jaime, was filled with beauty and joy. They had the time of their lives celebrating their love this past week with family and friends from seven countries and 24 major cities around the globe.

Bill and I were in awe the entire night, and my skin tingled with goosebumps - especially when Dr. Shad's mom, who at 94 and flew from Karachi, Pakistan to Washington D.C., and sharp as a tack, gave the blessing in a strong and booming voice to her grandson and his new wife. I suspect most were choked up as we were and misty-eyed too.

But the most unbelievable budding friendship formed with me and Aziza's first grandchild, Nadia (son of her eldest son Zain and his wife, Rosa). As we entered the mansion and greeted the family and several people we knew, also arriving, three-and-a-half-year-old Nadia grabbed my hand as we walked down a few steps to where the intimate wedding ceremony with immediate family had taken place an hour earlier. I had to quickly adjust to talking three-year-old banter with Nadia regarding her newly married aunt and uncle. It was fascinating how articulate she was in describing the ceremony, and she even led me to the seat she sat in for the nuptials - and where parents and little brother sat (same row).

Nadia was bubbling with sparkle (not only her pretty clothes) and vivaciousness. I felt honored that she shared her excitement with me, and all with her extra mile-wide smile.

The Art of Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes - and hopefully nurtured as time permits. Friendship is noble and keeps life circulating throughout the universe!

Congratulations to the Shad & Mayer families and to the deepest friendship of all, the marriage of Zeeshan and Jaime!



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