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World Elephant Day (Week)

Raise your hand (and high) if you love elephants. My hand is raised super high, and I'm typing with one hand - no, not really, but I could! The "real" date was August 12th, but what's a couple of days between then and now? Even with their trusty memories, I'm sure the elephants won't care too much.

Those gentle giants are fantastic to witness, silent most of the time, and perceptive about their families and the world around them day in and day out. Unfortunately, their world is getting smaller and smaller, and the poachers going for the big tuskers (for their tusks) are savages and out of control. Some African nations are doing everything in their power to save the largest mammals on Earth. And conservation groups are always touting how important all elephant lives are in our world.

My trips to South Africa and Botswana were blessed to be able to get out into the bush and enjoy their company while on safari. I think humans are keen on their antics, but I believe it's the other way around. They are keen on watching us. One of the biggest surprises that I saw that we do not see here in any zoo in the USA is the massive male bulls that tower over almost all trees. I mean, these guys are HUGE! Way larger than the females, and the males mostly travel solo unless in musth and looking for a willing female partner to reproduce.

So, I took a few minutes to look through my photos and share some to continue the celebration of these splendid creatures. At the Tau Lodge in South Africa, I wanted a baby elephant so badly! They are so cute and even look quite cuddly. Ha!



Elephants of South Africa - Tau

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