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World Cup!!!!

We are two days in for the greatest game on Earth.

I am spellbound by the glittering desert and the 32 teams worldwide for the largest sporting event that brings joy to many astute students = fans of the game. I can’t get enough of the crowds, the singing, the flags flying from the various nations in the fight, and the camaraderie of the players, coaches, and fans.

A few world cups ago, in the summertime, ahem, I was headed to the pool to swim laps during the early rounds of group play. I stood near the TV with my swim bag over my shoulder for hours! I never sat down because I thought if the game I watched got “boring,” I would head to the pool. It never got boring, and I never sat down. It was hours later, or a break in games, that I could sneak into the pool for a spell.

Can you believe that over one billion people tune into the games? I’m not exaggerating.

As a USSF referee, knowing the game’s laws intimately makes my tuning into the games more fun, engaging, and enjoyable. But no one needs that distinction. Cheering for your team, or a new team, Qatar, anyone? all in good jest is why the beautiful game is loved around the globe by the billions!

Of course, there is controversy. Can anything in the world go on without complaints? There are complaints about the time of year this tournament is being played, FIFA corruption, the home country’s this or that baloney, and so much more. But for the pure fans, and I’d like to think I am one of them, it’s all about the athletism and heart and soul of the players stretching for every ball, the chanting fans in the seats, and the upsets (like the game I am watching now as I type this - Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia where SA just scored and are up 2-1 over the favorite and the best world player, Lionel Messi, of Argentina).

Upsets are going to happen - which keeps more and more fans glued to the matches.

It’s going to be an exciting month of soccer. Luckily, the technology is available to watch games anywhere and even afterward if the match is taped.

France won the Cup in 2018. It will be a terrific and spellbinding fight for the 2022 WC champion!

Is anyone else a fan of the beautiful game - especially Word Cup play?



Even Disco Pup is into the World Cup!


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