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Wimbledon’s New Royalty?

Perhaps a new tennis king (or prince due to his age) has emerged onto the royal court of tennis greats - all in the hard-charging, swift feet, and wicked backhand of Spain's 20-year-old Carlos Alcaraz. What a match!! He was thrilled to make it to center court, let alone win the five-set championship match. Ahh, youth!

And he didn't play any slouch in highly decorated tennis great Novak Djokovic, tennis's current royalty on many courts around the globe. Novak started the tournament as a reigning champion, trying for his 24th Grand Slam career title - and his third in 2023. Alcaraz squashed that dream with his steady play and come-back points repeatedly.

The match was thrilling from the get-go, though a slower start for the upstart Spanish star. Once Carlos broke free in the fifth set, he appeared to re-energize and went to work, beating his idol, who is 16 years his senior. Not even the slippery grass court that wobbled both players sometimes stopped them from competing at the highest and most exciting tennis.

Not only did human fans around the world cheer on the players during this iconic tournament, but one-and-a-half-year-old Disco Dog also loved all the games she was "allowed" to watch. For her, the ball is life, even on TV and watching the ball with two humans on a tennis court. She never disclosed her favorite to her peeps, but I'd have to say all the balls played on the court were her favorites!




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