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The Focused FIGHTER, Ryan, is 19 Years Post Transplant!

November 3, 2023 - Milestone!

Savoring the days, weeks, months, and years since our son/brother Ryan had his PBMT (pediatric bone marrow transplant) on November 3, 2004, at Duke University Hospital. As hard as I try to block and tackle my way in another direction, my mind pulls me back with those dates rolling on the calendar. Some of those dates bring me back to ground zero - his original cancer diagnosis (10/17/1996) and all that it entails, but it’s this day, 11/03, that gave Ryan a new leash on life! It was his ace in the hole to have a viable MUD (Matched Unrelated Donor) Bone Marrow Transplant.

Today, with all the bumps and bruises along the way in the last nineteen years, we are grateful. The road hasn’t been easy, but we have a road to traverse. And we DO! Lots and lots of Manufacturing Sunshine helped all of us down, through, above, and below those roads.

Last but never least is sending Ryan’s unwavering and unselfish donor, Scott Harris, a message of THANKS AND GRATITUDE as we do every year!

Saving lives without losing yours is to get into the National Marrow Donor Program. It is easy: a Q-tip swap inside the mouth/cheek through Be The Match!



Photo of Ryan and Scott at the Party for Life on 11/4/2005


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