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November 1, 2023 - What??

Can you believe how fast this year is moving? It's frankly moving at a lightning pace. Once that great Hollows Eve turns to All Saints Day in 24 hours and a flip of the calendar to November, the year goes by faster than the end of a toilet paper roll.

In Target yesterday for my fall flu shot and two other shots, the store was in disarray. Boxes were stacked high all over the place to get all the fall/autumn stuff off the floor, ushering in the Thanksgiving stuff, but more importantly, the Christmas stuff. I could tell Target hired more Santa's elves as they were busy cutting open boxes and placing the new merchandise in coveted areas of the store's floor plan. Tread lightly.

Recap of Ryan's cute Halloween bags: They were all taken and loved by the 50+ crowd of kids of all ages. Ryan even started a fire in his new "toy" - a Solo Stove Fire Pit. A few logs and some starter wood, and that baby was heating us like nobody's business. Just for the record, there was some smoke. It is not totally smokeless, but it is way less than other fire pits (we had one of those, too).

By the end of the weekend, with our changing clocks, it will be dark around 4:00 p.m. Therefore, I must manufacture some sunshine with more sewing and quilting!

How will you manufacture sunshine during the cold days ahead?




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