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Saying It With Quilts:

Quilters think of all kinds of creative ways to share their skills with others - including holiday quilts. Over 12 months, there are plenty of them to commemorate with a hand-made quilt to keep, hang in our homes, or give away.

While looking around my living room as I write this post, I'm looking at (5) red and white quilts - mostly made with Valentine's Day in mind. Red and white quilts seem clean and fresh, and red is a great Feng Shui color to boot!

Here is the quilt for today - a special day of love - not only is it for just candy and flowers.

***Note: Full disclosure. Two people mentioned to me in the last couple of days that they could not open my blog post. On those days I'm drafting and sending my post from my phone. Apparently, it's not flowing as well to other social media platforms from my phone as it is from my computer. I plan on testing it in the coming days and weeks when I'm writing and posting by phone.




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