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Father's Day 2024

I was lucky to have a good father, Johnny Nolan. Since he loved athletics and only had girls (three), he helped shape our attitudes towards competition way before Title Nine was on the table to change girls'/women's sports forever (I hope it sticks!). He likened it to, "While competing, step on the jugular to your opponent(s), yet be friendly and kind once off the playing field/track."

That is not bad advice - especially while growing up in the late '60s and '70s...and a girl.

My Dad has been gone since 2001, but my hubby Bill has shown what a kind-hearted dad he really is to his precious children and, now, a grandson. Bill's child-rearing qualities were endearing—firm, fair, and consistent. Based on his accounting and business background, I'm thankful that he taught both kids how to make the best financial decisions based on savings, income, and banking—and enjoying lots of fun along the way and through the years.

Today, I wish all the Dads/Grandfathers/Uncles a super Father's Day (especially my son-in-law, Bo, on his first Father's Day!).


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