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MauiStrong Serendipity!


AnythingStrong is a great way to promote something. We've seen the LiveStrong Yellow bands by Nike; despite what Lance Armstrong did or did not do, we all know the monies raised by the bands went to a great cause. When our son Ryan was battling his childhood cancer, RyanStrong in our small part of the world worked for him and us!

Now MauiStrong is alive and well, not only on the Hawaiian islands but all over the other 49 states is my hope. While Jodie, Betsy, and I proudly purchased our T-shirts at our favorite Kihei (pronounced Key-Hay) restaurant, Nalu, Jodie and I also decided we would rep (represent) Maui on our return trip home - for two days - while wearing our red and blue shirts.

So, while we had an early am wake-up call to get to the Maui Airport to catch a plane to Oahu and on to Seattle, it was a little before 7:00 a.m. (through security and heading to our gate) when we were stopped by a smiling young lady asking us where we had purchased our T-shirts. Jodie and I then began gushing over the Nalu Restaurant and its local owner, who is creating all kinds of philanthropic endeavors to help the survivors of Lahaina. After a few seconds of telling about our shirt purchases, Brandy Ellison blurted out that she was the co-designer of the MauiStrong T-shirts. Yep, serendipity at its finest. Brandy then mentioned that the principal designer was Chanel Higa, a 16-year-old girl who was compelled to do something good for her fellow islanders.

But it was Brandy who saw us enter the airport, kind of followed us, and wondered where in the world we got them. Let me add that Brandy works at AnythingHawaii, a gift store where she is the manager in the airport, where she thought they were the only ones selling the hotcake T-shirts. They are one of three places in Maui, but anyone can order. If you are reading this and want to purchase one or 10, please do. Let's wear them across the USA!

Here is the link (and ALL MONIES are donated 100% to the Lahaina Survivors) - there is so much work to be done. Everything helps!

I love these special serendipity moments. So many Hawaiians are Manufacturing Sunshine all over the islands, the United States and the world.




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