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Lights, Camera, Click! Authors On Mic's Latest YouTube Video is Uploaded!

The YouTube video for Authors On Mic (the one I was on last week) has now been uploaded for viewing at this link.

My plan is also to add the link to my website this week. Let me add that all the authors on this episode are great and cover a few genres; I'm honored to be a part of this cohort of talented writers! The entire recording is about 23 minutes long—I'm the last speaker/reader at 17:36 if you care to watch/listen.

Opening up The Focused Fight to share the story in Chapter 15 resonates today as it did when I wrote it. Everyone likes good doctoring, so reading and explaining why in this chapter — Seeds of Advocacy, "Chat's from the Other Side of the Bed," is a good thing for any patient.



Photo credit: Unsplash - Museums of History.


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