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It's Cookie Time All Year!

When I mention, "Never underestimate the power of a chocolate chip cookie," I mean it. There is power in that little sugar-laden caramel-colored disc with chocolate chips; it is a slice of mouth joy.

Yesterday, it was National Cookie Day. But I think it's cookie day all year! If you love cookies, you know what I write here. If not, perhaps try one next time it's offered. I heard on the radio that the typical "cookie monsters" eat 26 cookies over the holiday season. I beg to differ. I think way more are consumed.

Over 25 years ago, I ate only cookies for one year—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I guess I was on a sugar high all day long, and by the end of the year (I was younger then and still running/athletic), I still put on unwanted pounds. Of course, I did! That was some year...sigh.

I could never do that stunt again, but I'll always enjoy a good cookie - mostly homemade, but there are some very good store-bought ones, too.

I love hearing about traditions in many families during this holiday baking season. They are a day-long festive event! Many cookies are rolled out (pun intended) for eager consumers waiting in the wings.

It's all a love fest for the easy-to-bake-and-take cookie season and beyond, and I LOVE it!

What's your favorite delectable treat?





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