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Happy Halloweenie 2023!

And just like that, overnight, the weather turned chilly like it was supposed to. Halloween today, with Trick-or-Treaters scavenging through the neighborhood later, is what we will expect. We have a mixed bag of kids dressed up and out for adventure (with parents in tow!). Some years, we may have 50 ghosts and Ariels, and other years, 10 dressed-as-bums kids knocking on our door for a trick or treat.

At the Tomoff house, we are all about the treat and compliments of our son Ryan; he takes great pride in giving the best stuff, er candy, like a full-sized candy bar or two patties of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. One year, he thought we should go to the bank and get $2 Bills to hand out (that was a no, haha!). What? Cause a riot at the "giving-cash-out-house? Nope, not us.

I don’t know about you, but homes around me are decorated to the nines with “Halloweenie” stuff, and not all witches and goblins. There are front yards that have bonafide-genuine-looking graveyards. Orange and purple lights are strung like Christmas lights in December, paving the way down any dark and scary street on this night of spooky and hocus pocus.

So, what are we giving as our treats this year? Thoughtful Ryan has been shopping for just the right stuff. He has purchased candy in full sizes, microwave popcorn, and cute little paper lunch bags with Halloween themes to put it all into for the neighborhood kids. According to Ryan, they get one of each, all packaged nicely in cute bags.

I’ve got to hand it to him for his kid-like delight in giving to others—even a simple Halloween treat. Boo!

It’s the little things…



The Boo Crew!

1) Ryan & Olivia in 2000/01? (my fav), 2) Flying witch in the neighborhood, 3) Halloween-themed lunch bag filled with candy and popcorn.


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