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Green Dragon Flea & Farmer's Market

Four of my bee peeps (not to be confused with little bo peeps) and I traveled today to the Green Dragon Flea & Farmer's Market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Another quilting friend suggested that we should go sometime, and we decided a few weeks ago that Feb. 10th would be our "some time" since it is only open on Fridays in the heart of Amish Country - Lancaster County. This market area is spread out over 60 acres with indoor and outdoor vendors selling all kinds of stuff, food (veggies and chips are the biggest ones I saw in Building 1), plus furniture and odds and ends scattered throughout the other outbuildings. It's been around since 1932 and going strong. I'm glad we checked it out.

Most of the vegetable stands and bakeries are located in building 1. I felt like I stepped back in time in looking at the meat cases with the old-fashioned price-per-pound placards with the big red numbers stuck into the meat. And then I saw the biggest bag of melon-sized onions I'd ever seen stacked against a wooden stand. The whole bag cost $39 for the super colossal onions. I would have bought one, but that was not an option. I didn't even try to pick up the bag either (50 lbs). I bet these babies grown in Idaho and Oregon near the Snake River are sweet as sugar when sauteed just right!

But in the back of our minds was the intention of some fabric acquisition in the few quilt shops we like to frequent when we are in the Lancaster area. I'm thankful that we all found fabrics and other notions to purchase that will go with projects already started or fabrics we needed for upcoming projects like our guild's retreat next weekend.

Debbi Carter, Deb Hoppe, Janet McCabe, Susie Stevenson, and I finished up our day at the Round-the-Clock Diner - a favorite of ours - before we got on I83 South for the two-hour trek back home. I just love the catfish meal offered and was not disappointed a lick! A great day was had by all.




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