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FEB END 2024

Yes, it's a leap year day...YAY! Gotta love that extra day we really never think about or count on unless it is someone's birthday!

In college, there was exactly one FEB END party on 2/29/1984 — MCMLXXXIV! It was a festive day for us blizzard-weary Ohians gaining an education at Bowling Green State University. What a great day to celebrate the coming of spring (it was a Sunday!). I may have photos in an archive somewhere (shoebox), but I will savor that special day in my mind for now - maybe always.

On the last leap year day in 2020, right before the pandemic shuttered the globe, I was on a Mother-Daughter trip to Aruba! It was fabulous - great weather/food/our hotel/snorkeling/paddle boarding, you get the idea, paradise for five days. I do have photo memories stored right on my phone, of course! Plus, Aruba is a natural Manufacturing Sunshine place for all to soak up the joy while visiting.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

FEB END 2024 will be a quiet one.; with writing, sewing, and a brisk walk earning top billings on the marque of the day.

Any celebrations for you on FEB END?



Loved the "wildlife" and this cutie Iguana


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