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Day 14 - Banff & Lake Louise Alberta

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Adjusted Adventure in an Accord

Banff to Jasper and back to Banff

A kinda shorty post because I have 3/4 bars on LTE and Verizon hasn’t shut me down yet for the day without paying extra.

Absolutely a stunning hike this morning at Parker Ridge with its trek to the top for unbelievable views of the mountain glacier and the turquoise lake in front of it. Linda never saw anything like this, and I haven’t either from a mountain experience. I did see calving glaciers on an Inside Passage cruise 10 years ago.

More interesting characters on this hike, but all nice people like Alan and Pam from Oregon, and the trio from Westlake, Ohio, and graduates of Westlake HS as Linda, her husband Mark, and my hubby Bill and his siblings.

On our way back a afternoon stop in the wilderness at Lake Herbert. Linda fired up the jet-boil for 3 bean soup! Delicious !

Last stop for the day, world renowned Lake Louise. Crystal blue waters against the backdrop of mountains on three sides is an unforgettable moment.

Stunning … but a tourist haven and too many people for our liking.

Our day was all about forest bathing, glacial bathing, and mountain bathing.

Our animal count is dismal: chipmunks, ravens and one deer.

Oh, and the hostel was fantastic!



I’m thrilled to post today. We’ve been off the grid most of the day.

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1 Comment

Jul 16, 2022

The photos are stunning Terri, what are your plans for some of these photos and displaying in your home?

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