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Packed (or almost) and Ready for France!

In the past few days, I have been contemplating soaking in my environment and the people I'm with each day while in Paris (Linda Misencik) and the South of France (writers from the US/Canada) in Nîmes and the Cevennes. Posting a blog each day may not happen. Instead, I will do something different depending on my wifi/internet. Perhaps I'll share a photo and a caption, and that's all. I have a few ideas (and thanks to my PJCats Morning writing group, Linda Mc and Katy D, they gave me some great suggestions). I plan to keep it simple and easy to manage. Or nothing at all. Mostly, I want to savor these precious moments, perhaps hand-write some things down, and take lots of photos until I can unpack these stories to share, along with the hope I'll have some good ones, too.

Although I love to write and blog, not everything I write is in the space. Plus, daily writing takes time and sometimes requires great effort. And, with WIFI spotty in parts of France, I do not want to become frustrated that my posts won't fly.

However, I have been diligent in revisiting the Ethiopian trip I took in 2018. At that time, I posted something short each day on my blog, but nothing too detailed. Last year, I spent a reasonable amount of time unpacking those stories and will be sharing ten of them starting Monday, May 6, through Friday, May 17 (they are scheduled to deliver Monday through Friday only, keeping weekends free for maybe something else).

Since I plan to be out and about, the best way to read them is right here. I won't post those ten blog posts to FB while in France. Today, though, I'll post this one and provide the link to this blog on FB if anyone would care to follow along. Supposedly, I can easily be found, or so they tell me.

I've got (4) more things to check off my list; then I'll be ready ready for international travel, serendipity, and fun.

Au Revoir!


Photo: Lake Louise, Canada: Linda Misencik and me on our Annapolis to Anchorage or Bust (it was a bust since the Al-Can highway was wiped out by a beaver dam collapse in the summer of 2022, and we never got to Anchorage.


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