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Amaryllis Is it Early or Late for Christmas?

For the past three years, I have patiently waited to see if a gifted and beautiful Amaryllis bulb would bloom again. It did in 2021, but never again until yesterday and today. I wrote a post about it a week ago, saying that it was about to bloom. Let me say it was worth the wait (the week, not the three years). It is gorgeous, and the blooms seem pretty healthy.

So, before now, the central stalk would grow to about 24", but then there would be nothing to show for all that work, coupled with all those green leaves accompanying it. This plant would play this game, get me all excited for it to bloom, and then fizzle out. The leaves were always strong and green, too. Oh, and I just measured it, and it is a whopping 28" (I hope it doesn't fall over any time soon—yikes!).

No one in the house (my two guys) is as excited as me. I've nurtured it and watered it even when it wasn't anything, and the reward for my efforts is really sweet. The photos below show the east and west-facing flowers, with the north and south ready to sprout soon. There is one coming up in the middle as well. Wooohooo!

I'm going with the fact that the blooms are early for Christmas this year—blooming on 4/24 and 4/25, perhaps not late at all. Who knows, maybe they will make another appearance later in the year. I won't count on it, but we never know. There is always hope, of course!



Photo: 1) this west-facing flower is bigger than my hand (I never touch them, and never moved the container either - I don't want to jinx anything); 2) a view from the top of them - you can see the one on the right ready to reveal itself and the middle one coming up, and 3) bloom is facing east and still opening.

How do we coax them to bloom more often? I'll have to read more about the care of these amazing blooms.


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