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Black Eyed Susans!

Nope, no fights between anyone I am aware of, just plain ole flowers gushing out of some flowerbeds that have laid dormant for years. It's amazing how flowers like these have moved around my backyard in the last couple of years. It all has to do with sunshine, and plenty of it when certain trees have been removed or cut way back and are no longer blocking the much-needed sun for certain plants to grow.

I can tell you that I never planted one black-eyed Susan since we've lived here, now a full 26 years. As you can see from the photos, they are bursting out all over the place - and I love it. I would also like to bring some into the house, but upon closer inspection, they are filled with bugs that I don't want to have as pets at the moment. The "BES" is the Maryland State Flower, officially since 1918, and not native, but fitting we have some around the yard for good measure.

I like how yellowish/orange they are fighting for the light and standing tall. Plus, they last a while to bring all that bright color to the background of lush green weeds, er, grass.




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