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Cheers to The Marketing Seminar

Over the past six months, I was enrolled in Seth Godin's last Akimbo Marketing Seminar (TMS14). The seminar took me down roads I never knew existed, yet enhanced those I knew to be repaved and improved, mostly at my own pace... Due to working on many quilts from mid-October through December 1, I didn't get to many of the 60 total lessons until January, But since then, I've been on fire, racing to the finish line, which is March 9.

Two hours ago, I submitted the last lesson - #60. I'm thrilled I came a few days before the deadline. Wooohooo! Did you hear the big sigh? My mind could not do much else lately except work on the seminar. One day I sat in my hot seat for seven straight hours in deep thought, working on three thought-provoking lectures, reading, and accompanying questions to answer. Man, I was tired after those exercises!

And like other Akimbo-style workshops, you don't do it alone. People from around the world are working on the lessons as well. We share and tag each other and find our tribes, known as cohorts or homerooms. There is where the magic lies. I can't say enough good about how everything played out and the fantastic people I met along the half-year journey. I "graduated" with a group of new friends and other like-minded solopreneurs working on amazing work (another quilter/artist/professional photographer/life coach/potterer/economist/blogger/and instructor in the Alexander Technique. They hail all over the US and abroad.

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance March.



The Marsh on the West River, Maryland 2023



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