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Cheers to 36 Years of Matrimony!

Happy Anniversary! June 13th. It’s a simple date and meaningful for those celebrating a special date (we are).

Here is one version of its meaning: an·​ni·​ver·​sa·​ry ˌan-ə-ˈvərs-(ə-)rē plural anniversaries. : the annual return of the date of a special event. : a date that follows such an event by a specified period.

Today, hubby Bill and I are celebrating 36 years of marriage. Coming off our daughter’s wedding reception this past weekend, the longevity of our nuptials is never lost on us. We know around the globe (mostly), half of first marriages end in divorce. That is one sobering statistic almost everyone knows, but difficult to believe when the wedding day is full of love and support from many loved ones, family, and friends, all believing in a lifetime bond of matrimony.

Thankfully, I still remember our special day - it was sunny and bright and 82 degrees. We had a lovely church wedding at high noon mass in Cleveland, Ohio, where my parents raised their three daughters in a 900-square-foot home about a mile away. I distinctly recall both my parents entwining their arms with mine as we stood at the entrance of the church before the organ music began and descending the long cathedral-like aisle to my awaiting bridegroom at the foot of the ornate altar, a sheer veil cascading down the front of my wedding gown.

We professed our love to each other and the Higher Power within the hour. We shared our carefully thought-out vows, culminating the solemn moment with sliding gold wedding bands on each other’s ring fingers to seal the deal in front of our parents and attendees.

Our reception was wild with fun - lots of dancing - and celebrating two young kids in love and ready to tackle the world with a united team approach. That feeling lingered in the air then, as it does these 36 years later. It seemed dreamlike and magical, though more practical today with our deep respect for each other, of course.

And do you know what makes a good marriage? Oh, sure, there are a lot of fun and games and good times we all desperately need, but frankly, the wedding vows fill in the gaps and get stuck between those other frustrating times; money issues, family crises, sick children, sick parents/death, our own sicknesses, car troubles, careers, jobs, and life! Holding and trusting each other by weathering the storms comprises a great marriage. It can be done!

Our secret sauce: for Bill and me, most years, we are able to lean on each other and make each other stronger, building our lives together quite happily. But when life threw those fast curve balls at over 100 MPH, where we couldn’t even duck out of the way, we learned swiftly to lean on our closest confidants to help us navigate through turmoil and despair. Only after the dark clouds left were we able to lean on each other, strengthen each other, and live our lives together through thick and thin.

The amazing circle of life - even in marriage, takes a village!

Cheers to Us! I LOVE you, Bill!




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