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Badass Anthology Book!

I thought it may be fitting to announce on this Solstice that even though I did not get to publish my car story book..yet (Joyride Journeys - looking at 2023), I was invited to write two stories for an Anthology book with ladies I've met in Seth Godin's Akimbo writing communities.

The title is Badass Sisterhood Anthology, written by 11 women from all over the United States who are badasses in their respective worlds. If you need a gift for a badass woman in your life, please consider ordering one here:

The endeavor was fun, and I met some incredible women doing all kinds of beautiful things in their lives. Intelligent, witty, and poignant, you can go on a journey with our tribe that is connected, inspiring, and spirited from the first page.

The two writers in charge of the project, Susan Walter and Laurie Riedman, used Blurb as the publisher. There is talk of adding it to the Amazon catalog at some point, but it's easy to order from Blurb, like the BN bookstore, etc.

Cover design by artist, Wendy Coad





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