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Autumn Thrills — Leaves!

Every time I step out the front door in the last couple of weeks, I've been met with a riot of color in every direction. Not flowers in all their glory, but spectacular leaves ranging from deep yellows and oranges to firetruck red and burgundies. Summer is my all-time favorite season because I love the heat (I did not say humidity) and the brilliant light from morning until night, but fall is not too shabby.

But the season of autumn brings its gifts to the people lucky to live somewhere in the world with changing seasons and changing colors. The cooler temps bring with it sweater weather too, which I love. Putting on a cozy wool one on a crisp fall day makes me feel warm and toasty inside.

While drinking in the colors on an early morning walk, I couldn't help but snap a few photos of all photosynthesis (leaves changing colors) goings-on in the neighborhood.




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