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A Christmas Bloom At the Ready - in April!

A few years ago, I received an Amaryllis bulb that bloomed beautifully that December. It was timed perfectly and had deep red leaves that were wonderful to have during the dark days of winter - and happy during the Holidays. I've kept it in the same spot near my writing table and a window since that first day, and it's never bloomed again.


About a week ago, I noticed that the tall "leaves" or stalks began to wilt (no flower(s)), as stated above. That's been going on since that very first bloom. The bulb would grow two feet or more of leaves, wilt, and then a few more would shoot up—all for nothing. Maybe this thing needs a few years to get going up and with a flower once again. Who knew?

It seems like the flower is going to burst open this week! I check it out daily to see if it's moving along. And...I'm waiting patiently to see what finally blooms and what color it is (it should be red, but again, who knows?).

It took my one orchid plant a full year, plus, to bloom (last week). They are all happening and opening around the same time. I'm not sure if it's the temperature inside, the lighting, the time of day, or where they are located, but I'm thrilled they are showing off or just about to.

The red cardinal below happened to alight on a post outside our side door. He sat there for a good long while, so I took a photo of him being so stellar and on the lookout for his feathery girlfriend.




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