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Worthy Hope & Kindness Rally in NYC!

Hubby Bill and I are in the Big Apple to visit with our good friends, The McCarthys, and the feature attraction, the Andrea Sanchez Hope and Kindness Rally in Manhattan for a full day tomorrow. It's a worldwide gathering of people sharing their stories and experiences, all connected with hope and kindness. Isn't that what our world needs more of about now?

Here is the info from Andrea's LinkedIn page:

From Andrea Sanchez, the brains behind the Rally:About this event8 hoursMobile eTicket30% off registration if you purchase your ticket prior to 11/11/2023. Use PROMO code DareToBe2023 at checkout.

Imagine a world where all people are accepted for who they are. This 1-day experience will give you the courage you need to own your story and believe in your worth.

If we stop to think about each life being an opportunity to bring out the best in others, we would be more appreciative of the uniqueness people bring to the table.

It’s time to end the stigma.End the shame.End the guilt.End the judgment.Each of our journeys have shaped who we are. It’s time to give yourself permission to own who you are, which will in turn, give others the courage to live fearlessly and proudly as themselves too.

IT’S TIME TO RALLY THE TROOPS. The WORTHY: Rally for Hope & Kindness is coming to New York City on Saturday, November 11.

Prepare yourself for:

Empowerment and inspirational sessions by real-people who have thrived through real situations to help prep the mind;Discovering courage/purpose within yourself you didn’t know existed;Storytelling Open Mic finale for those ready to take the next step. You never know whose words you were meant to hear that will impact your life. Better yet, YOUR words could be the ones that impact others in the room.

Speaker lineup:

Introduction: Andrea Sanchez

Keynote speaker: Dr. Nupi Arora

Session 1: Belonging and Feeling Safe to Be You

Speakers: Dennis Pitocco followed by Nicole Angai-Galindo

Session 2: Finding Inspiration and Purpose

Speakers: Kate Nasser followed by Leslie Flowers

Session 3: Choosing Courage and Resilience

Speakers: Terri & Bill Tomoff followed by Russ Johns

Session 4: The Power of Transparency and Vulnerability

Speakers: Panel with Brian Kelly & Michelle Lange followed by Sparkle Linsday

This is a not-for-profit event. Ticket sales will help support event costs.

Bill and I are ready for the big event! We've marched through the streets today having fun and seeing cool stuff (The Strand and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and good eats!).

We can't wait to meet up with the other speakers and Andrea and Tim Sohn!




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