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World Cancer Day 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

It's Friday night and I almost shut down my computer for the day to watch a little TV. However, just as I was ready to shut it down, a glance at the headlines caught my attention with today being World Cancer Day. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. There was no way I can walk away from writing a post as big as this day really is to so many people, including two survivors living under my roof.

Thankfully, in December, my two follow-up appointments regarding the Uterine Cancer I had last year gave me a clean bill of health. I don't take these results lightly. Every day is a gift, and I am grateful beyond measure that things are good right now.

Same with Ryan. He is hanging in there and feeling good.

As everyone knows, Cancer is no joke. My heart goes out to people around the globe, especially children, fighting the good fight to restore to better health and better days ahead.

When I wrote The Focused Fight, my goal was to help one person or one family at a time. I think I have gone beyond that in a positive way and more than I ever dreamed.

In the epilogue, I write: "Hope Cannot be Extinguished." The power of hope has woven its way to the lessons learned through the past 25 years. We all felt the power of community and connection, and the gifts of generous love and unbelievable kindness when we needed it most.

In 2022, my hope is that the words stated above will help others going down the same path. I want people around the globe to have a lighted path with lovingkindness, pushing them to live life to the fullest. So get your screening! Get that mammogram you may be putting off! And get that colonoscopy each decade or half-decade! They even have a pill camera that is easy if there is no familial history!

A simple act of making a pan of brownies or a couple of dozen chocolate chip cookies will be one of the best gifts to give a person or family going through a tough time, and not necessarily cancer.

Never underestimate the power of a chocolate chip cookie! Consider it part of the treatment plan for your loved one.



Family: Olivia, Bill, Ryan and me! That's how we FIGHT through Cancer!

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