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Do You Have to Take Nasty Tasting Pills?

If so, there is an easy solution to ordering Gelatin Empty Pill Capsules. You open the ends of the capsule and place the nasty tasking ones inside, and swallow. Easy peasy.

Today, I quickly took a photo when Bill opened the sent package of the capsules (we've had many delivered in the past). I thought it would be a great PSA or reminder blog post of what is available on the market to help those who take terrible-tasting or many pills. Taking many pills could be problematic, but adding them to a gelatin capsule could reduce the number taken at one time.

Years ago, when Ryan had to take hundreds of pills each week, we used to take a gelatin capsule filled with something else (we had plenty of the medication), dump the insides, and add the bad and bitter-tasting pills for Ryan to swallow without a struggle. Many chemo drugs and steroids taste awful, along with other pills on the market - perhaps even OTC drugs.

The bag below contains 500 clear capsules that cost $10.00. If this post could help one person switch to using empty no-taste capsules, then the post was well worth the few minutes of my time.




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