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Parent's Getaway Weekend Recap!

Now that our kids are older, we don't have to "run away" from home for a weekend. But the Special Love Parent's Getaway Weekend was designed for a day or a day and a half on the weekend to help parents in the battle with their cancer-fighting kids, siblings, and bereaved, to renew, rejuvenate, get pampered, and meet others in a community no one would ever join on purpose!

The lovely Tysons Corner Hyatt was our home away from home as we immersed ourselves in Art Therapy (with hollowed-out eggs filled with paint/glue/sequins/glitter), Sessions on Unspoken Losses with Amanda Thompson, Ph., and Sharing Your Story Through Journaling by yours truly, all before lunch. The afternoon pampering included yoga, make-up/facials, painting, and other parent discussions led by our committee members. Every option available is also optional to attend. There is no pressure, something parents need at least one weekend a year. Some may nap or shop in the Tysons Corner Mall attached to the hotel. After what could be an emotional toll, meeting and hearing so many stories of our children and family, we let loose at our dinner and dance party. This year's theme was a luau, complete with two lady Hawaiian dancers who taught a bit of their craft, leis and hula skirts.

Weary parents having a blast dancing and singing together was an incredible activity for many who joined in on the fun. It was a beautiful evening! (We missed you, Shari and Andy!).

I am still glowing about how the staff at Special Love and our wonderful committee helped many couples and individuals go home refreshed, strengthened, and hopefully energized to take on their roles with greater gusto if needed.



Our parent committee (missing two couples); Bill, Terri, Christine Etue, Maureen & Joe Lilly, Lee & Sharon Johnsen and Marilyn & Tom Eichner


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