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#Celebrating Book Authors! What's On Your Nightstand?

My friend and fellow book author, Julie Rains, recently published the following on her Substack platform. I liked her post so much I asked her if I could share it on my blog. She said "Yes" because it's fun to read and find new books - especially starting the new year. Plus, there are authors you may not have read elsewhere that are great writers in all genres. I have posted a few listed here on my blog in 2023, but Julie put together a great list that I'm happy to share. I hope you consider supporting the new and upcoming authors!

From Julie: Today, I’ll share the work of some of my friends who have accompanied me on the book-writing journey and whose books may help you reach your goals for 2024.

If you’re interested in running a marathon (including Boston!) while also growing your emotional and mental resilience, check out Julie Hughes’s book Staring Down a Dream: A Mom, a Marathoner, a Mission.

If you’d like to become a better listener and communicator and learn both the benefits and disadvantages of your listening style, check out Kym Dakin-Neal’s book Head, Heart, and Hands Listening in Coach Practice: The Listening Coach. (It’s designed for the college and professional market but is accessible and valuable to anyone who wants to connect with others more effectively.) NOTE-Update: Kym recently won the North American Book Award silver medal.

If you’d like to leverage your anxious moments to achieve greater self-awareness and inform your personal and professional development, check out Lynn Carnes’s book Dancing The Tightrope: What Falling Off a Horse Taught Me About Embracing Pressure, Fear, and Uncertainty.

If you’d like insights into dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment for a family member, friend, and yourself (including practical ways to help), check out Terri Tomoff’s book The Focused Fight: A Childhood Cancer Journey: From Mayhem to Miracles.

If you want a framework for building wealth combined with a personal journey weaving money and gardening a-ha moments, check out my (Julie) book, Growing Wealth: Essential Money Lessons from My Garden to Yours.

Here are my (Terri) additions to Julie's list:

If you'd like to learn about a tenacious woman as a 7-degree black belt and the how and why of sharing how martial arts became a metaphor for recapturing her strength, identity, and joy, check out Cindy Villlanueava's book Don't Fight Mad.

If you'd like to read a historical fiction novel based on a WW11 true love story about love, loss, and survival, check out Julie Canepa's The Missing Star.

And lastly, if you'd like to read a murder mystery as in "Nothing Brings a family together like a murder next door," look no further than our friend Nina Simone's book Mother-Daughter Murder Night, a Reese Witherspoon's Book Club pick and New York Times Best Seller!

Julie wrapped up her post with the following: Not only did these folks write their books with the support of a network, but they also did much of their best, most meaningful work outside of book writing through collaborations and community.

I'm thankful Julie and I met in Seth Godin's and Kristin Hatcher's Writing In Community in 2020, as well as all the authors highlighted above. The whole world of writing in community has changed me, as well as my hubby Bill, all for the better and greater good of our lives.



Photo credit: Unsplash - Ed Robertson


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