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Williamsburg, Virginia & Book Launch for Julie Rains!

Hubby Bill and I headed down early this morning to meet up with writing friends we met in Akimbo's Writing in Community (WIC) in June 2020. Katy and Ron Dalgleish, who we met for lunch in DC last May (our first IRL - in real life with them), hails from Northern California, and Julie Rains came up from Winston-Salem, North Carolina (sans husband this trip). It was the first time we met Julie IRL, but we have been on many zoom calls together for nearly three years.

Today, we celebrated with Julie with her first book launch for Growing Wealth - Essential Money Lessons From My Garden To Yours The link is for preorders and will be sent on 3/15/2023.

Writing a book can be hard, so it was especially cool to be part of Julie's launch! She has more events planned (being on a financial podcast soon, for starters), but today it became the "real deal."

Since we arrived mid-morning and spent time with Julie, Katy, and Ron for most of the afternoon, we plan to head to Colonial Williamsburg/College of William & Mary in the next two days. Despite being winter, surprisingly, this area has a lot of activity. It's been at least a decade since our last visit to this rich, historically significant area of Virginia.




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