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Wild Iris Bathing!

Wild Irises

Forest bathing is a real thing. I’ve done it several times out West and in my home state, too; it cleanses my soul. I am grateful for trees, forests, pines & oaks, and trees of every color and stripe, er, leaf. There is something about nature that is different than watching a TV show or playing on a smartphone. Any kind of nature bathing is better than the familiar four walls of our homes and work.

Today there are many books on the subject of Forest Bathing and to Get Outside!

Find the natural zen!

The past week I’ve done (4) hikes on Kelleys Island to Horseshoe Lake and its surroundings with different people. All the hikes began with the first part of the route being the same, but I/we changed the ending (last mile or two) by exploring different paths and parts of the island.

Today, I hiked with Hubby Bill and my friend Linda. We switched the hike up a bit, and I felt I hit the jackpot with the wild yellow (and some purple) irises. We were surrounded by wild irises on slick grey boardwalks near a large marsh before walking out to Lake Erie. Since the wind started picking up throughout the day, we could hear the waves crashing onto the beach before we reached it. As we rounded the corners of the boardwalk, I yelled ahead that I was iris bathing; frankly, we all were.

I’m not sure they heard me, but I stopped to take it all in, photographing several irises in all their glory.

It’s the little things…




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