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What About a List?

This last week, I asked whether you consider yourself a sunrise or sunset person. Now, how about making lists? How about this one: add something you did to a list that was not on initially so you can cross it off and feel accomplished? Yep, that's a thing, and I do it too!

So, while cleaning and clearing out a part of the kitchen countertop, I found a list on a highlighter pink 3X5 index card. From 2014! Why the heck do I still have this card with a bunch of random 2022 and 2023 calendars, a WildT race number, various meaningless receipts, and random birthday and Mother's Day cards? I do clean this countertop, by golly!

My whole intention for cleaning up this part of the counter was to have a good space and place for one of those rotating photo frames that houses hundreds/thousands of photos. It's actually a WIFI digital photo frame where anyone with the password can instantly add and share pics and videos. It was a Christmas present from my daughter, Olivia, and her husband, Bo. What a thoughtful gift. We've got about a half-dozen loaded so far - more later this week.

But my mind wanders back to the List…

This List was crafted in January 10 years ago, and I must admit, ALL items have been checked off the List except for the last one regarding carpeting. Instead, we have replaced the ugly, outdated, and gross carpeting with either hardwood flooring or LV (luxury vinyl) flooring, much to our delight.

The tub meant reglazing it - which was better than replacing it with the old tub in a landfill.

Seriously though, who keeps their lists for ten years? Maybe we do because it took us about eight years to cross off everything on it!




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