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War on Weeds and Trees!

Summer is the best, except for flower beds full of weeds, and trees growing out of control. I’m waving the white flag on trying to keep up with all the maintenance required. Thankfully, we hired tree guys to help us out on stuff to big to do ourselves.

It’s not that I don’t have time to weed or trim trees (I can’t remove those big trees!), it’s that my priorities have changed. Yet I cringe every time I walk out the door to see immense growth when I can’t seem to get to them. Not now or ever.

One bugaboo I have are trees that were planted 1-2 ft. from the base of the house. Who does that? Why so close?? There is nothing good when they keep growing and the branches lean on the house and discolor the siding, and that’s not even mentioning thousands of staining leaves that also clog up the gutters.

This all has a happy ending when our tree guys arrived this morning and worked all day clearing flower beds, digging up junk trees, trimming the stuff I wanted to keep, and removing trees and bushes that were wreaking havoc for the last year. There is more work to be done, but we’re in a much better place now.

A shout of Thanks to Paul and his crew from Benfield Tree Service!




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