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Wanna get on the Wheel of Names?

As I write this post, there is a day and a half left to enter the Christmas Quilt raffle with a donation that will collectively go to Those who entered may be wondering how a winner will be decided. Fear not! There is an app/website for that called

The best way to enter is to Venmo an amount to @Terri-Tomoff I'll get your name on the wheel with the number of chances, i.e., $20 will give you (5) chances, etc.

As Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, “When you know better, you do better.” I'm trying to do better.

I know I mentioned the Wheel of Names spinner yesterday regarding my Christmas Quilt raffle that will commence tomorrow. I learned of this website from my nephew’s girlfriend, Shana (who is holding her quilt with the wheel in the background on the TV in yesterday's photo), a preschool teacher. She uses it all the time in her classroom to make fair decisions on all kinds of things. Shana suggested I use it for my Thanksgiving Quilt raffle, which was only for the guests in my house that weekend.

But now that I expanded my fund-raising efforts with another Christmas quilt raffle opened to all, I needed that wheel if it accommodated many people’s names and their chances. It does all that up to 1000 names! Whoa! Shana was kind and entered all the data on the T-giving weekend. I’ve been entering all the data in the last couple of days, and it’s pretty easy.

I think I’ll be using the wheel for other decisions in the future, like entering a bunch of restaurants and spinning for a good repast or a book title and tag lines.

It’s free too! It's a decision helper and can be used for anything. Try it out and give it a spin.

I will close the donations to get into the raffle on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at noon. Drawing later in the afternoon.

A HUGE SHOUT of THANKS to all whose names are already on the wheel! I am grateful that collectively, we will be Manufacturing Sunshine on these cold, wet, rainy, snowy days in December for families in great need with a child battling cancer.

We were one of those families 25 years ago.



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