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Viva La France 2024!

We arrived in Paris safely on 4/29/2024 and haven't stopped touring, admiring, and immersing with the people we've met and the wonderful culture that is pure France.

I've got a lot of stories in the queue for future posts. I can share that I was ready to lie down and cry with all the beautiful, priceless impressionist art in the Musée d' Orsay the other day, the Louvre today, and of course, Normandy, which gets me choked up when Linda Misencik and I paid our utmost respect to the Allied Forces, including the young American troops who stuck it to the Nazi's on D-Day, though with too much loss of life to a tune of almost 10,000 soldiers.

I can also say that we wouldn't have the world that we live in today without those sacrifices.

Normandy and May Day (and we did not see any protests!)

As solemn as Normandy and the entire region of D-Day on June 6, 1944, we had a fantastic day. Our tour was slightly different than last year's trip I took with our son Ryan and hubby @BillTomoff, with a smaller bus and fewer people on tour. The thoughtful tour also included lunch at a French seaside restaurant.

The planning for May 1st was done a few months ago, and it's a good thing I remembered May Day, so we didn't plan or do anything in Paris city center since most shops and a few points of interest were closed for the holiday.

For the record, the English Channel area never gets old for me. Thankfully, we didn’t have the winds that gust up to 100 mph, though the day remained quite cloudy. It never stopped us from touring the sacred lands of WW11.

Young people who could visit Omaha Beach from around the world could possibly make our world a better place. Maybe we can learn from past devastating decisions and defeats. My two cents.



Photos are a scant smattering of our days: 1) American Cemetary in Normandy, 2) Omaha Beach, 3) local cheese shop, 4) the beginning of taking the stairs to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower (674 steps); 5) The English Channel; 6) Eiffel Tower (needs no introduction); 7) no introduction needed with Ms. Mona Lisa; 8) Galleries Lafayette (kind of like Harrod's of London) and 9) We LOVE Paris (who doesn't)?


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