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Virtually No One...

Did you know that our world has 8 Billion inhabitants now, after sitting at 7 Billion for a long time? That's a lot of people! So much so that stuff gets lost in the shuffle of humankind doing their thing; despite what People Magazine says or TikTok influencers do, not many people are really that famous when you think of the sheer numbers. And that is Okay!

I'm going to Steal Like an Artist like Austin Kleon and mention what hubby Bill is riffing off Seth Godin's recent blog post of the "Virtually No One" concept. Think for a moment of a young teenager (and maybe a few adults) who worry about how many likes, hearts, or comments are made on their social media posts. In the big scheme of life, "virtually no one." And guess what? That is perfectly Okay! (I know it's difficult for many to fathom this and I feel for them).

Hubby Bill even did his own post about it: . He goes into more detail and highlights Seth Godin's words: Because virtually no one is enough. Therein lies the beauty of going out into the world by doing your best and being unique as a snowflake, just like our fingerprints, no two are alike—even in identical twins. Amazing work and ideas can be presented with nary a worry since, ahem, virtually no one will know.

Any book, blog, or social media anything is seen by "virtually no one." So right now, at this juncture of life in January 2023, it's never been easier to lean into our idiosyncrasy, quirkiness, and one-of-a-kind spirit to make our own contribution in whatever brings value to our lives and maybe the lives of others. Perhaps we can call it freedom...

Lastly, virtually no one has heard of Chat GPT, the big release of AI (Artificial Intelligence) concepts that have only been out for a month. If you have, pat yourself on the back! I'm going to explore it a bit more and get back to you with a post about my findings. I know a couple of guys checking it out and playing around with it since day one: Bill and Don Tomoff of Twinztalk fame (see photo below). They are looking at it from a playful stance at this point, but I must share that there is controversy surrounding AI. However, it doesn't have to stop us from connecting the dots!

Virtually no one will explore it further anyway.




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