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Upset of all Upsets - Kentucky Derby 2022

Talk about a dark horse and his jockey Manufacturing Sunshine on the horse race circuit - today something remarkable happened that's perhaps once in a lifetime when in comes to horse racing on the biggest stage.

I’m all in for rooting for the underdog, er, underhorse or the Longest Shot - EVER! On Friday morning (yesterday), a Kentucky Derby stand-in for a scratch with the moniker Rich Strike won the 148th Run of the Roses at Churchill Downs. It was as exciting watching it on the TV as it probably was in the infield, just saying! The feisty brown horse ran the perfect race with the perfect jockey to give any underdog to do anything a reason for hope and pure resilience to do so. Rich Strike had an 80-1 odds set for him, and he was not supposed to have won.

No one from the announcer’s booth to the owners and trainers would or could have predicted or had an inkling Rich Strike had a chance to win, place, or show. The odds were so far against him; it’s like an excellent high school football team that wins the Super Bowl. It is not going to happen until it does!

Only the jockey, Sunny Leon, from Youngstown, Ohio, had an inkling for a win with 100 yards to go down the home stretch. the Preakness in Baltimore, Maryland in two weeks!

If you didn’t watch it in real-time, here you go: Kentucky Derby 2022



Photo credit: Unsplash (probably not Kentucky Derby)

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