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Travel Plans?

January is not only a month for folks to reset, reorganize or reflect (on last year, perhaps) but also a time to look at the brand-spanking new calendar and possibly refresh plans for all kinds of things, including travel. I've been at my computer for hours in the last couple of days researching travel plans this spring. I'm thrilled to do so. Maybe the world is opening up a wee bit more (it has for a while now), so folks can travel with little to no angst - either in the US (North America) or abroad.

In the last few days of scouring travel sites, I rated the top places I loved visiting, also called "my happy places." They include, in no particular order, Florence, Italy, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Charlottesville, VA, Gdansk, Poland, and the whole country of Botswana. Of course, there are so many beautiful places on this big blue orb we call Earth that it's difficult to choose those top spots. And what about going back? The easy ones to return to are closest to where we live!

There is a guy, Norman, a travel agent in Brooklyn, New York, that I'm working with. He's got a great handle on flights (air travel is different lately) but has given me valuable advice on all kinds of travel, including planes, trains, and automobiles.

No matter what we do or where we go, I am determined to pack light!

Where are you headed this year?



Summer of 2015 - Hoover Dam, Arizona side


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