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Trains & Windsor Castle

Trains and more Trains. We’ve seen all the latest and greatest tube action in London’s incredible train system, including the newest line, the Elizabeth (Purple), going to multiple locations throughout this world city. The line has not been open a year yet, but it has mightily hustled people all over central London and beyond to the tune of its 100 KM stretch of the line.

I cannot remember when we got on the “Lizzy” because we were all over the map with our start this morning. Arriving at Windsor Castle by 10:30 am (it took about an hour) was our top priority. It was a fabulous tour of the sacred grounds dating back centuries. I asked a young lady watching over the Castle whether the Royal Family marches through the rooms she is “protecting” from any loose cannons or people wielding cameras and phone cameras. It’s a big NO-NO to take any photos in the Castle. Interestingly enough, it’s Princess Margaret that it’s in and out of the Castle at all times of day and night. According to Jade, she is the hardest-working royal, with more engagements than all.

Our group of five was pleased we saw this impressive Castle and the priceless artifacts it holds through generations. But as with any museum, one could only take on so much in the brain. We needed fresh air and to see more sights in London proper.

Well, the next stop was in a basement/bunker, not exactly fresh air. But before we got to the Churchill War Rooms, we tooled around Big Ben (the scaffolding is down now) and Westminster Abbey. Most all buildings, like WA, are shoring up for the King Charles Coronation on May 6th.

We all enjoyed the purpose of Churchill’s War Rooms, along with his many confidants, that helped win the war, with allies, over Hitler and the Nazis. I can cross that one off my bucket list.

Walking through Trafalgar Square and dinner in Convent Gardens rounded up the day for all of us. Our last stop at Harrod’s was a bust - it closes earlier on Sunday.

It was a grand day to share with my favorite people! Yay!

We leave for Paris in the morning via the Chunnel.

Good night. bSoleille!



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